Our Mission

Our comprehensive treatment philosophy, firmly based upon thorough examination and diagnosis, is the cornerstone of all we do here at Arkansas Valley Endodontics.

Arkansas Valley Endodontics represents the finest of professional traditions. Our reputation and growth has been firmly based upon a tradition of excellence. We, who are a part of it, take pride in what we individually, as well as collectively, have accomplished in the past and, continue to accomplish each and every day.

Arkansas Valley Endodontics combines the caring of general practice with the intensity and expertise of a specialized endodontic and endodontic surgical practice. Because of the uniqueness of Arkansas Valley Endodontics, you will undoubtedly discover our practice to be unlike any other dental or medical practice in which you may have previously been a patient. The day to day operation of our practice is the result of the best effort of each and every employee in the exercise of their specialized skills, high level of care, and experienced judgment.

We understand that health care is a professional service industry. The manner in which the service is rendered is as important as the care which is provided. We endeavor to extend a level of courtesy and care to every patient which we ourselves would like to receive if we were to require the specialty services we provide. We are all here for the same purpose - to serve and care for people who just happen to be patients. Promptness, courtesy, empathy, dignity, and friendliness govern our conduct and relationship with our patients.


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