Please CALL our Patient Care Coordinator at 719-539-4830 as soon as possible if you wish to make an appointment or obtain an approximate “cost of care”.

Whether you have dental insurance coverage or no dental insurance coverage, the Patient Care Coordinator will be happy to assist you in estimating your cost of care at the time you call to schedule an appointment. At this time, however, please understand he/she can only base a cost estimate upon the information you or your dentist provides. Once you have been examined by the doctor, and the precise extent of your treatment is determined by him, the Patient Care Coordinator can usually be very precise in determining your actual cost of care.

If you so desire, the Patient Care Coordinator can also assist you with financial planning for your estimated cost of care, for example applying for CareCredit or other options for which your good credit rating may qualify you.

Arkansas Valley Endodontics will submit your insurance claim form one time and one time only to your primary insurance. We do this to help shorten your insurance payment process time.

Arkansas Valley Endodontics cannot accept responsibility for your insurance company’s inefficiencies, lost CLAIM forms and/or x-rays, or requests for information we already HAVE sent to them.

If you wish to file your own claim, we can provide you with the information to personally send in your own primary or secondary claim form(s). However, if the insurance company claims they did not receive your claim, did not receive x-rays, or other information necessary to “process” your claim it WILL BE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to file another claim and/or deliver the necessary information that your insurance company claims they did not receive from you. We will assist you in every way we can but you will have to deal with your insurance company. This office is not funded by your insurance company nor are we a paid representative of your company.

If you request a PRE-DETERMINATION to be filed on your behalf, Arkansas Valley Endodontics will assist you in doing this.


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